Power Flushing

Power Flushing involves a deep clean within your central heating system, power flushing removes contaminants, rust and sludge from within the central heating system.
A contaminated and sludged up heating system will reduce the overall efficiency of the system and can lead to system breakdowns.

A central heating power flush machine is attached to the heating system and through a process of high flow and low pressure, de-scaling agents and cleaning chemicals are flushed through the system breaking down rust limescale, sludge and contaminants.

Benefits to Power Flushing

  • Reduces the risk of breakdowns
  • Increased efficiency
  • An increased lifespan of the central heating system
  • Reduces the risk of kittling (Banging Noises)

When is Power Flushing Required

  • Generalised cold patches at the bottom of radiators
  • Discoloured water when venting/bleeding radiators.
  • Radiators are slow to heat up

Power flushing a central heating system is recommended if installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler to an already existing system, preventing possible contamination of the new boiler.  Finally, an inhibitor and magnetic filter are added to prevent any future contaminants or sludge build up from within the central heating system.

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