Heating and Hot Water Controls

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator valves are fitted to radiators to control the temperature of a room by changing the flow to the radiator depending upon its setting, they sense the room temperature and regulate the flow of water through the valve. Each valve should be set to the desired setting for each room, dependant on the temperature required.
Turning the valve on full will not make the room heat up any faster.  The time taken for the room to heat up depends on the boiler size and setting, and the size of the radiators.

Thermostatic radiator valves require a free flow of air to work correctly, covering them by curtains or blocking the flow of air by furniture will impede their working correctly.

TRV’s cannot turn the boiler on and off, in addition to a central heating programmer a room thermostat will be required.

Room Thermostat

A room thermostat is normally fitted in the central part of the home usually hallway, covering the core of the property, a thermostatic radiator valve is left off the radiator in this area and a standard radiator valve fitted. The room thermostat is essentially a thermostatic switch used to regulate the temperature of the room it communicates with the boiler allowing the boiler to modulate its output depending on the temperature required in the room.

Smart Controls

Smart heating and hot water controls allow you to manage your heating and hot water remotely by the use of a programmer connected to the internet and linked to your heating and hot water system. These types of control are useful if your plans are often changeable.

What are the benefits of heating controls

  • Heating controls allow more control and resulting in greater efficiency.  Scheduling heating and hot water on and off times.
  • Reducing carbon emissions, saving money on your heating bills
  • Selecting areas of your home that require different temperatures rather than heating the entire house to the same temperature
Action Potential Savings P/A
Correct use of programmer
Room Thermostat and Thermostatic Radiator Valves
£75 and 340kg of Carbon Dioxide
Turning Room Thermostat down by one degree £80 and 350kg of Carbon Dioxide

Upgrading and installing modern controls are always a good idea, even without changing your existing boiler.  Modern controls are a lot more accurate than they used to be!

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